Well… I’ve Only Gone and Done It!

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It’s been a few,eventful, weeks since I last posted.

My first novel – the reason for this website, these blogs and this journey – has been released out into the big wide world. My baby, A Rock ‘n’ Roll Lovestyle, has grown-up, spread its wings and left home.

It’s a very strange feeling.

People keep asking me if I feel proud of what I have done and I find that a hard question to answer. I am proud of the story I have written. The feedback I’m getting tells me it is good. That is what I had hoped for. I don’t, however, feel proud of what I have done. I feel accomplished. I set myself a task, I said I was damn well going to do it, and I did it. I feel a sense of achievement. I had to learn a LOT of very new stuff along the way – most of you know that as it has all been detailed here – and, despite several moments of wanting to throw the laptop at the wall, I muddled my way through and came out the other side a little bit wiser than I was when I dived in!

But proud? No. That is the one thing I don’t feel. Proud is for the people who go to third-world countries and help to build better homes for those less well off. Proud is for the doctors and nurses who study for years and work crazy hours to save lives. Proud is for the police force and firefighters who face danger every day and go to work not knowing if they will come home that night. Proud is for our armed forces who protect our democracy and the democracy of others around the world.

Proud is for the athletes who get up before the sunrise to train hard everyday before going off to their 9-5 day jobs and then train again for several hours after work to ensure they are in peak physical condition. Proud is for the para-athletes who overcome a thousand obstacles just to get to training before the sunrise. Proud is for the adventurers who face untold challenges in order to learn new information about this vast planet we inhabit. Proud is for the people who fight everyday to save wildlife and defend the creatures of the earth who otherwise would not have a voice.


These are the people who should feel proud of what they do and what they have done.

These are the people who encourage others and who make a difference.

These are the people we should all strive to look up to.


All I did was write a book.



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