This Shizzle is Getting Real!

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Well, it’s been a busy week here at Moggy Towers. The study is all sorted and I love it. Those of you who follow my Facebook page will have already seen the photographs but I’m adding another above because I can! This is my Quality Controller checking everything over. I have been informed it all passes muster.

I confess it did feel strange the first day I sat down to work in my new space – the vibe was out of kilter (probably still hanging around the dining table waiting for its coffee) but, after a couple of days, it realigned itself and my fingers were happy to type again.

The next big thing was making the decision to self-publish my novel. Agents and publishing houses receive so many submissions, it could take months to even have my work read by someone, never mind actually agreeing to sign me up. I am, therefore, doing it myself. Someone once said ‘Why wait for your ship to come in when you can swim out to meet it?’. So I am donning the arm-bands, squeezing my ample padding into the rubber ring, fixing the flippers to my feet and diving into the world of doing it myself.

At this point, I must give a huge THANK YOU to a very lovely lady called Pam Howes. She self-published for over nine years and has taken me under her wing. Well… She offered to lend me a hand and I kinda muscled my way in by asking her more questions than she most likely anticipated. She has, however, answered every one of them with great patience, grace, abundant knowledge and she has given me the courage to take this step.

Which leads up to the next bit of news – I am now working with a professional Literary Editor. He currently has the first fifty pages of my manuscript to work through and, two days later, he hasn’t yet emailed me back to say “Hey, what is this drivel you have sent me? Don’t give up the day job love!” I am taking this to be a good sign. Alternatively, he could be so busy laughing he’s unable to type!

To finish off this little update – with this latest development, I now have a date in mind for launching my debut novel and that is…..

*Drum roll please Maestro

Monday 30th October 2017.

Which means… Oh my goodness… I now have a deadline to work to…

Like I said, this shizzle is getting real!






    • Kiltie Jackson

      He’s not an agent Kym, he’s an Editor. He checks my manuscript for typos and will make suggestions on where I may want to make amendments or cut out unnecessary script.

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