Once Upon a Time…..

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When I was researching the options for marketing my novel, should I choose to go the route of self-publishing, the main recommendation was to start up a blog. The idea being to develop followers who would get your name out there and help to get you known.

I just have one itsy little problem with that…. I am rubbish at talking about myself, I hate it! So, I have decided to post up Short Stories instead.

The first one is now up.


Many years ago, I had a friend whose son was born with an under-developed left arm. Most of the time he was fine with it but, understandably, he had days when he would have a bit of a downer. The bones of this little story was born back then. It came back to me when I was mulling over ideas for some short stories I could post up. I have put some meat on the bones and present it to you. It is, fundamentally, a kids story but I hope anyone reading it gets some enjoyment from it.

Thank you for looking.