All Change!

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Hi Folks,

This blog began life as a diary as I embarked upon this writing journey. I have shared the creation of this website along with all the other trials and learning curves along the way. Finally, the big day came and I published my first book.

To be honest, I think repeating the sharing experience for the second one will be rather tedious – we’ve been there and done that!

So, going forward, I’m going to mix it up a bit.

There will be Guest Posts where I’ll be inviting special guests to write a piece on a topic of their choosing,

A ‘Meet the Author’ section where other authors will answer questions on why they do what they do. I’m hoping to expand the selection beyond just authors and include other creative people.

Finally, there will be ‘Moggy Towers Musings’. This is where I will chat, or rant, about any random topics that have crossed my path and I feel merit a bit more attention. It could be anything from funny and weird to seriously sensitive.

I suppose this is also the appropriate moment to explain the ‘Moggy Towers’ moniker…

A few years ago, Mr Mogs expressed a wish for a cat of his own and this led me to join a rather wonderful pet forum. It is more than just chatting about pets, members also take an interest in each other and many of them begin to feel like family. One day, while retelling a tale of some kitty antics, I referred to  my little humble abode as ‘Moggy Towers’. The name just kinda stuck. And, while we may not have any towers, we definitely DO have plenty of moggies.

The last thing to bring to your attention is that I now have a mailing list facility. Once a month – and absolutely NO MORE than that – I will drop you an email keeping you informed of what’s gone on, in case you missed anything, and what’s coming up. The sign-up box is located right at the top of the website home page. Please take a moment to fill it in.

So, here we go. On to the next steps of the journey.

Till the next time.